This week, we chat with Jeff Harry's buddy, Jen Ables!!  They met on a plane! BAHAH!  

Jen has jazz hands and brought out some fantastic stories with Jeff Jones.

Jen can be found here online!! Who knows, you might see us on there for a game night!


This week we are joined by Lisa David Olson!  She is a business humorist, creative mentor and team building facilitator.  We laugh about marriage, life, kids stuff and lots of other life laughs!  


Lisas book Laughs on Wry:

Lisas phun on the phone live call recordings:

Lisas fun facebook group of memes:


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Hey there! Happy Monday!  Join me this week as I welcome storyteller Kyle Spyrides to the show.  He shares his life with us, his upcoming book and how he overcame life altering medical issues. 

Have an amazing week! 

You can find Kyle here: 






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More information about Carol and Beth, dix pix, a shouse, fun facts about laughing and hey, let's burn some calories!

3 day workshop registration here:

June 4-6, 2021

Coupon code: FRIEND for $77 registration when you bring a friend who invest $97. 


Have a great day! 

This week, I talk about how I met my new friends on the plane, Beth and Carol.  How I manifested some crazy awesome changes and how the sun was my spotlight on the side of the mountain. HELLO!   

Join me as I'm solo this week ...... because Jef Jones was working and I was late with recording. Lame. Ha! 


Have a great week.  Slow down 2 Speed up! Love ya! 

Hey! Happy New Moon today! 

We are so excited to laugh this week and introduce you to our good friend Dana Humphrey! She's a life coach and death doula......and she's MAGICAL!  

Join us this week for javelinas, head shaving and lots of other cool stuff!  See in on the inside! HA!


You can connect with Dana here:

Magic wands here:


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This week, Jeff Jones shares the list of roles that were originally written for other famous people. Whaaaat?  Then he dramatically talks about waffles and ninjas!  Tune in and May the Fourth, be with you!


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Today, we chat with Mike Iamele (pronounced eye-ah-melly).  He loves telling stories about his life for others to be authentic.

Mike is a branding mentor that helps you determine your brand and can be found here on his website:

If you'd like to map your sensitivities - Mike has a resource here:




Todays episode brought to you by Teaaaaaaa and COFFEE! :) 




This week we laugh our faces off with Lisa Zawrotny , A Productivity Coach and owner of Positively Productive Systems!!  Lisa shares with us what she does, why and then we keep laughing about life!  

You can find Lisa here:


She has lots of good freebies in her free resources library


Have an amazing week! :) 

This week, we pull out some information we discussed that never made it into previous episodes! :) ha! 


Have a great day! 

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