This week, KARL is out and Jeff Jones brings us to a relaxing mood with the cheering crowd from Wrestlemania match between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.


Grab that leftover pumpkin pie, a comfy seat and chill to the roar of the crowd!  Enjoy! :) 

Hey there!  Happy Thanksgiving Week!!  So excited you're here, we're here and Ronnie and Spindy showed up too! HA!


This week we talk about being thankful, we play a game called "this kid, that kid or the other kid" and Ronnie Jones has some sports talk. 

Hello there, Toots!!

It's a great day! I have heard from quite a few people that this week has been especially stressful!!  This MENitation is out in perfect timing!!  

This is part 3 of the 6 fun size-isodes.  Find a warm spot, relax and turn on this MENitation! Karl was irritated with me after spelling his name wrong last time. I had to buy him a new battery and a faster lava lamp.  HA!

Happy HUMP Day! Hope your TalkO's were great yesterday!

Wishing you a fantastic week so far!!  Michigan had some crazy storms that knocked out power and internet, which created a slight delay in our podcast process! HA! 

No storm can keep us down! 

This week, Jeff Jones and I chat about funny things from the week and he has some fun facts for us! WHO KNEW! HA! I create a moment of Jen (zen) for you too. BAHHAHA!



Hey there! Hope you're ready to laugh again this week when Jeff Jones provides a soothing meditation for men and provides some life lessons about Rambo!


HA! Here's to laughing, Rambo, Carl and releasing all the BS! 


This week, we play a fun game and laugh alot with Author, Coach, Real Estate Investor and mother of 3, my friend, Jen Smith.  Her favorite motto is:  UNSTOPPABLE!

You can find Jen here on facebook where she shares insight and motivational content each day:
or search: Jennifer Stellrecht Smith

We hope your hearing holes enjoy and let us know, have you heard of the 80's movie Electric Grandma?  It's a thing! HA!

Have a SO MUCH JENERGY filled day! 

Hey there!  Welcome to the Pilot fun-size-isode of Meditation for Men! HA!

We hope this brightens your day!  You may need a diaper! I DID! HAHAH!  

We hope your hearing holes enjoy!

This week we catch up on funny things and talk about Meditation for Men! 


Join us for this chat - as we discuss a new 6 part series being released!  YAY! 

Hey there!  Join us for our very first So Much Jenergy presents 3 minute theatre ....times two and some Halloween chat!


Happy Hearing Holes! I mean Halloween! 

Hey there!

This week we talk about superstitions and where they originate that include the differences in Northern / Southern Superstitions w/ GW! 

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