Hey there! Jef Jones shares how to work with the honey do list!  


Be ready to listen and meditate - like a man. Time to get balls deep! 

This week, Jef Jones is back from MENitation.  We laugh about Ronnie mfg Jones, cornhole, wills and an accident gone wrong resulting in an eye patch!


Watch for flying objects! Safety first! Ha!  Have a great day! 

Join Jef Jones, K.A.R.L and Duncan for another episode of MENitation.  They discuss:

How to add action to your daily activities

How adding more action may lead to more adventure

and so much more!!

Get ready to laugh your face off - with ACTION!  

Hey there toots! Happy Day!  

This week I'm by myself because Jeff Jones is working on MENitation.  Let's check in on learning styles, what happened this week and why are we religiously confused? HA! 


Have an amazing week!  

This is the Season 2 release of Meditation for Men!  Join Jeff Jones and Carl on another adventure and join in our 100th episode fun with all the congrats!

Thank YOU!  Without YOU, this show would just be us talking into a microphone in space. Love ya and thanks for being on this journey together! 

Have an amazing day! 

Hey there! Happy last week of September!  We made it!

This week, we are joined by another McKinney - yes we're related....my B.I.L and huge fan of Meditation for Men, John McKinney!

We chat about Ronnie's garage, concerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for being here! 

Join us for these last episodes of Season 1 MENitation......before Season 2 is released!!!


Let's get balls deep in this meditation for Men!  Please comment, like and share with someone who needs to calm down and meditate - like a man! ha! 

Hey there!

This week we chat about fun stuff including weird state laws that are in effect today and a bus incident that Jef Jones never saw coming! ha!


Here's to an amazing day and good juju! Hugs! 

Hey there! Here is a re-release of Meditation for Men Episode 3 and 4!!  Have you adapted the nautical term? Did you like the background noise? How about the story?


Join Jef Jones and his shenanigans on MENitation!

Hey there!  Glad you're back with us this week!  Whew!  That last commercial episode is hard to beat...and yet here we are!

This week, we talk about a mishap at the paint store (trigger warning for Jef Jones), list of slang terms up from the 60s and .....a Ronnie Jones update while working in the garage!  Technology NOT required when chatting with Ronnie Mfg Jones! Ha!


Have a great week! 

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